A stylized logo featuring a goose silhouette composed of chalk-like lines on a dark background. The goose's body contains symbols representing programming concepts such as brackets and semicolons.

Bienvenido, I'm Carlos 👋
Full Stack Engineer @DoorDash,
Yerba Mate Enthusiast 🧉 and Cat Dad.

Blog Posts

  • Three Ideas That Changed How I Write Code

    Ever wonder if there's a simpler way to approach coding? Join me as I share three basic ideas that surprisingly changed my software development journey: humility, simplicity, and purpose. I'll also open up about my experiences with AI coding tools - the good and the not-so-good. Whether you're a seasoned dev or just starting out, maybe my small discoveries can add something useful to your coding toolkit. No grand revelations here, just honest reflections from one coder to another.

  • React and Ember: A Developer's Journey Through Two Worlds

    A straightforward look at React and Ember based on my professional experience. This piece compares their approaches to web development and reflects on how working with these frameworks has influenced my understanding of building applications.