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Autodidact With Working Class Beginnings

Carlos Revels in Snowy Splendor

Raised in a working-class, single-parent home in the Bay Area, my upbringing instilled in me a strong, resourceful approach to problem-solving. As a young self-learner, I acquired a range of skills such as cooking, bike maintenance, swimming, coding, and building meaningful connections. My curiosity often led me to explore my sister’s textbooks, engage in charming pursuits like feeding carrots to a neighborhood gopher, and develop a love for reading on a wide variety of topics.

When I’m not working, I delight in innovative product and engineering experiments, blending creativity with professionalism. My passions span various areas, including sustainable housing, responsible finance, and helping others access the resources and knowledge needed to succeed. I also cherish the great outdoors, frequently embarking on camping adventures to recharge and reconnect with nature.

I look forward to connecting with you: me@carlosalba.dev

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